Piano Books

Piano Books will help you to learn piano Piano Books Pile of Books

or you might just use them to gain some extra knowledge you need.

If you already play piano, obtaining a few piano books will be a great aid to your piano playing. Online piano lessons are often not practical or affordable, whereas piano books are always available and inexpensive for you to obtain.

Your books, sitting on your shelf, or your eBooks on your device can be read any time that you need extra knowledge. Perhaps a tip, trick or deep musical theory.

Books equal knowledge Book Knowledge

Here at Jackie Clark Music we strive to help you in several areas with books on various aspects of piano playing. Some are free of charge.

To be a great pianist will take you time and effort, however  many people do not want to be great. Well not at the beginning anyway. You may be one of them. Possibly you, just want to be able to play songs as quickly as you can with the minimal of lesson taking. Becoming a great pianist can wait until later in your playing career.

All you may need is the basics of piano playing explained to you, and take a few simple lessons, to give you a start at understanding piano. Later you will want to improve your playing when more advanced books will then, help you gain the extra knowledge you need or even formal piano lessons..

Books are a method used over many years to pass on knowledge on any subject you may need. If you asked a pianist about their piano books, they would probably smile and produce a rather large pile of them.

You will find that piano books are essential as you become more experienced at playing the piano or keyboard. You have to start somewhere. Books are a great way to start your musical knowledge initially, and get you started playing piano. Later books are your key to more advanced learning.

Book Titles of Jackie Clark Music

Play Piano With Chords

was written to solve the problem, of the total beginner not understanding how to start playing piano. It will provide a great start for your piano playing. Thousands of copies of this book are in circulation and helping people to start their piano playing career.

The book is crammed with lessons for beginners that will start you off playing. As the author is a piano teacher of 30 years standing, you can be sure everything taught is correct. You need not fear bad habits or poor teaching. More Here

Play Piano With Chords Book 2

takes playing knowledge to a new level. You will discover how to analyse previously learned and songs to be learned. Then to use your analysis to:

  • Make your playing of songs more professional
  • Be able to remembered in detail how to play your song
  • Be able to use dynamics for effect.

This book is a second stage book. A book that needs reading after Just Chords Piano and not before. More Here

Jackie Clark Piano Chords Book

The JCM Chords book was written to increase the number of triad chords you will need as your playing progresses. The number of chords you know will expand the number of songs that you can play.

Key changing is a must when you are playing music with other people. How would you overcome needing to play in a different key? You would learn more chords.

This book is always supplied free of charge. All chords in the book are shown in diagram form and  in color.

This book is a PDF download so it can be printed a number of times for your convenience.  More Here

Jackie Clark Piano Scales Book 

Scales form the basis of  playing music, regardless of the instrument played. Scale learning is often loathed by young pianists, but scales are so necessary to know if you intend to be a good pianist. If anyone tells you that they do not use scales. They are mistaken, they just don't know they are using scales.

What is a scale? The notes of a key is all a scale is. When you learn to play scales, your improvisation will become second nature to you. This scales book covers the basic scales, that you will need to know day by day.

The JCM Scales book is included in several of the piano courses within membership of this site, free of charge. More Here