Jackie Clark Music Piano Chord Book

The Jackie Clark Music Piano Chord Book

contains almost all the piano chords you are likely to need during your earlier learning period. The book is just one of the piano books of Jackie Clark.

The book contains chords of: Jackie Clark Music Piano Chord Book

  • Major
  • Major 7
  • Minor
  • Minor 7

This is the ideal book for use every day. You cannot know enough chords, these 85 plus chords would be a great start to your chord playing career as a pianist. Of course you don't have to learn them all, use the book as a reference work, safe in the knowledge you can always check when not sure, or need a chord you have not used before.

The Jackie Clark Music Piano Chord Book is a PDF downloaded book for you to print at home. so you can always print another one if one becomes too worn or damaged.

This book is always free of charge, either from within one of the many courses in membership or by following the link for the free chord book on site.

Why Use Chords

When you listen to most songs being played, you will soon notice that no matter what the instrument is. (Guitar, Piano, Keyboard.) They are playing chords. Playing the melody while singing is difficult and can often sound odd. Although it was a common technique in Rhythm & Blues music in the 1960's to do this. For the most part for you to play songs and sing you will be playing chords. This makes chord learning imperative, for you to do, if you wish to be a good pianist.

By taking time learning the chords present in this piano chord book. Your piano playing will improve together with the amount of keys you can play in. With three or four chords it is possible for you to play hundreds if not thousands of songs. Once you begin playing with others who may play in a different key, to the key of the three or four chords you know, you have a problem. If you know a lot of chords, playing in a different key is no problem.

How to get it free

If you are a site member then you can download the book from within the course material. If not follow this link to download a free copy.