Jackie Clark Music Piano Scales Book

The Jackie Clark Music Piano Scales Book

Contains the basic scales needed for you to be able to play solos at will and to be able to play piano in any key. The book is one of the piano books of Jackie Clark Music.piano scales piano books

At first the thought of learning scales may be a little off-putting. After all it is the one thing that school-friends who were learning piano complained about.

What is a scale

A scale is nothing more than the notes of a key. You always play in a key so all you play are the particular notes of that key. Once you know the key to be played in, if you have learned the scale of that key, you know the notes you will be playing for that song. It really is that simple.

How many scales are there ?

Now that is a question, far more than you will ever need to know. There are a great many scales and in different formats. But don't worry about the quantity, unless you are playing classical piano you won't need very many. The scales presented in this book will more than cover any scales you will need for popular songs.

What if one is not covered?

Initially these scales will cover everything you will need. Learn these scales first. Once you have learned these you will be in a position to understand how scales are formed. You will then be able to work out a scale or look one up and be able to remember it including why it is like it is.

How do you get a copy?

Now that is easy. The Jackie Clark Music Piano Scales Book is always free of charge and is included in several courses included in membership including the free level of membership.

If you get stuck learning your scales then Jackie is always available for support. (Yes even for free books, just raise a support ticket. Use the Contact link at the bottom of every page.)

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