Play Piano With Chords Book 2

continues where Play Piano with Chords Book 1 finished. Once you are playing a few songs you begin to find a few problems.

  • The song doesn't sound quite right
  • You can't remember how to play the songs properly¬†play piano with chords book 2

Both of these issues are dealt within in depth with this piano book. A handy download is included that can be used as a template to use with each song.

In order to play a song properly the dynamics of the song need to be understood for them to be used when playing.

A further aspect is the tempo and rhythm of the song. Without knowing this the dynamics won't help you. By carefully analyzing the songs make up you will be playing songs how they were intended to be played.

Now you can play the song properly you are set to go.

At this point you find your greatest challenge. You have a few songs you play regularly and enjoy playing them. Once you get to a dozen or more songs, a further problem raises its head. Remembering the songs chords and the small nuances of the song, or even the tempo becomes difficult. And when you can play a hundred songs on piano, you have a great problem.

Play Piano Chords Book 2

guides you through this issue, by using the knowledge gained you will easily be able to do a quick check on the song and be able to play it how you would like to.

You will be able to:

  • Work out the dynamics of a song
  • Work out the rhythm and tempo
  • Understand how the song was intended to be played
  • Have techniques that will ensure you do not find yourself struggling to remember how to play a song

Play Piano With Chords Book 2 can be found world wide. See here for details