Play Piano With Chords

Play Piano With Chords,

takes you, a complete beginner, through the basics of piano, and ends with you, the student being able to play a wide range of songs of choice. You will be able to achieve this yourself by studying the lessons in this piano with chords piano books

This very popular book, that has started many people like just like you, on their way to playing piano.

Inside you will discover:

  • How to sit at the piano or keyboard
  • How to recognize the notes of piano
  • How notes can be found quickly and easily anywhere on the keyboard
  •  Why you have 10 fingers and no thumbs when playing piano
  • What chords are
  • Where chords come from
  • How you can make up your own chords
  • How to play chords
  • Chord sequences
  • How to find chords for your favorite songs
  • The rhythm of songs
  • How to practice
  • In short everything you need in order to play your songs well on piano or keyboard.

Would be pianists, just like you, have used this book to get them started, and gone on to greater things in their playing career. Some have used the book first, and then gone on to take lessons later, some of them through this site. Play Piano With chords, is the book to start your chord playing career. Almost all songs you are likely to want to play, are played using chords, and not the melody on piano. Making Play Piano with Chords your first choice of piano books.

The advantages of using a book in the very beginning are:

  • The cost is minimal
  • You may not like playing piano, better know now before incurring a lot of expense
  • You will learn at your own pace
  • Lessons can be taken over and over again
  • Formal practice schedules mean you will not be left wondering what to practice
  • The author can be contacted at any time for advice or assistance through this site
  • Being a qualified teacher of piano you can be assured you will learn everything properly.

As with all piano books or lessons from Jackie Clark you can be assured of her full support in helping you learn to play piano, however you choose to learn

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