Course Questions

What is included in each course
Each course is usually complete in itself requiring no extra expense. Courses can consist of Audio lessons, HD video lessons, written lessons and often a mixture of each type. Some content needs to be downloaded and printed.

(The exception is the music course requires a text book to be purchased from Amazon or a local music shop typically around $16 US)

All courses are entirely designed for their purpose by Jackie Clark ABRSM who is a qualified music teacher with over 25 years teaching experience.

Each course is intended to achieve a certain level of expertise by its completion.

All courses are included in membership

All courses come with full support from Jackie Clark at no extra cost.

What is the buying process
1 Join the site

2 Log in and take a course or more if you like. All courses are included.

3 Get immediate access.

Is my payment information safe
Yes, Jackie Clark Music does not have any access to your payment information. Payments are entrusted to internationally trusted payment companies such as ClickBank, to ensure that you are completely safe in your dealings. These companies also deal with cancellation refunds, ensuring that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, your refund is safe.

Is there a money back guarantee
Yes there is. Membership comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This is a no questions asked guarantee.

Unless you are totally satisfied with your purchase we do not want your money.

We only want completely happy customers.

What support do you provide
All courses carry full support. Jackie handles all support requests herself on all aspects of her courses or membership queries.

2 Joining the site provides access to all courses provided at the access level provided.

In addition a wide range of none course lessons and advice is included. [/toggle]

How do I cancel membership.
Cancelling membership is easy.

A link is provided in the first page presented on login, which can be used to cancel.

Alternatively this can be done via the payment company directly.

Write to Jackie at and ask for cancellation.

Any of the methods can be used although the cancellation link is the easiest.

Cancelling, results in your Premium Membership level being downgraded to Normal Member level so you maintain access to basic services.


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