How To Learn Piano

What is the best piano to learn on?
There is not a best piano to buy when you are learning, a five octave keyboard will be sufficient when you are learning, I do not encourage people to spend a great deal to begin with, in case they decide learning the piano is not for them.

However a keyboard is unlikely to sound as good as a piano. A keyboard will not have the same feel of the keys that a piano has. Having said that, modern keyboards provide keys that are touch sensitive just as a piano has. I would avoid keyboards with small-sized keys or the very cheap ones. I use a Yamaha keyboard for teaching. The sound is good, the keyboard size is adequate and the size allows better camera angles to be used. Once you are a few months into your lessons you will know what type of instrument is best for you. Then buy the best you can afford. With pianos you really do get what you pay for.

Is a piano better than a keyboard to learn on?
It doesn’t matter if you learn to play on a keyboard or a piano to begin with as long as the keyboard has touch tone keys; this is to make what you are playing louder or softer by how firmly the keys are pressed down.

The more keys the better. More than 70 should be looked for as a minimum.

A keyboard without touch tone keys would not be suitable, especially if you are using it as a piano.

Is it better to learn piano by using music or by chords?
It really depends on where you want to go with it, if you want to play for fun and just jam with your friends and family, learning by chords is suitable enough as long as you have some basic music knowledge, knowing how to count etc. However if you wanted to take it further, learning properly with a one to one music teacher or an online teaching course would be better in the long run.

Once you have learned to play by music, any type of playing is possible. Chords only limits you to playing and singing songs. for a great deal of people this is all they want to do, so a chords course is perfect.

What is the best sort of piano lessons to learn by?
The best sort of piano lessons are those that teach in the traditional way. In this method every aspect of learning music and playing piano is learned. The important things are that you choose a fully qualified teacher. Anyone can call themselves a piano teacher. Anyone that can play better than you can teach you to play like them, or put an online course together.

Only a qualified teacher can recognize where you are going wrong and correct you. They know where your problems are and can easily and quickly rectify them. An unqualified teacher does not have the knowledge or experience to do this. A qualified and experienced teacher who teaches online, will know the problems students face, and will build into their online courses strategies, to overcome them before the student makes the mistakes. Your watchword whenever looking for a teacher offline or online should be. Are they qualified by an internationally recognized institution. Their lessons will cost no more than those of an unqualified instructor.

What is the best sort of lessons to learn blues piano?
Before attempting to learn to play blues piano, it is essential to learn the basics of piano playing. From that foundation a course of lessons on blues playing will be easy to follow. Blues requires a special type of timing. Without a good foundation, this will be more difficult.

What is the best sort of lessons to learn rock piano?
Before attempting to learn to play rock piano, it is essential to learn the basics of piano playing. From that foundation, a course of lessons on rock playing will be easy to follow. Rock piano is not difficult however without a good foundation the rhythm will be difficult to maintain.

What is the best sort of lessons to learn classical piano?
Before attempting to learn to play classical piano, it is essential to learn the basics of piano playing. From that foundation a course of lessons on classical playing will be easy to follow. Classical piano uses a wide range of timing. Without a good foundation, this will be more difficult to do. To learn classical I would recommend a course of lessons that teach piano in the traditional manner. An exam course would be the best way forward.

Do I have to take exams when learning piano?
No you do not have to take exams to learn to play the piano. Should you wish to enter a college or school of music or even play in an orchestra you would need to have exam certificates. For most other ways of playing such as playing in a band, starting your own band, playing for yourself, exams are not needed. Exams prove to others that you can play, they have no bearing on your playing. All they do is prove you have reached a certain standard.

How hard is it to learn piano?
Learning to play piano is not difficult at all. You do have to keep up the practice of about 15 minutes a day, only 3% of the world's population play a musical instrument. Not because it is difficult but because it needs commitment. Once learned the ability to play is a joy you will treasure forever.

How much practice is involved in learning piano?
As long as you can fit in 10 to 15 minutes a day that should be sufficient to begin with, when you are further with your piano playing 20 minutes to half an hour a day.

Should I take piano or keyboard lessons?
In the beginning the learning is the same. The same notes, the same methods of playing, so in the beginning a piano course is as good for both instruments.

Later, keyboard lessons focus on built-in backing tracks, and ways of using the attributes of automatic music the keyboard provides. either course will be fine for learning the basics. A piano course would possibly teach more in the beginning without getting involved with the automation.

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