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What does Jackie Clark Music do
Jackie Clark Music is a website, dedicated to teaching people just like you, to learn to play piano or keyboard. This is done by online lessons available in written, video and audio formats.

How do I use the site
1 Browse the site to initially see what the site has to offer.

2 Join the site at Normal Member level which is FREE of all charge and always will be or go straight to premium member and take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

3 Enjoy the lessons and download what is available. Do not fail to download the chord book available in the download area. This area of the site is constantly growing.

4 Join the site or upgrade to higher levels to obtain access to further downloads and all courses that are included in the upgraded levels at no extra cost. As long as you are a member you can take as many courses as you like.

5 Upgrade or downgrade as often as you like. There are no restrictive contracts. Cancel at anytime during the month, you still retain membership at the level paid for, until the next months fee is due. Your membership will then down grade to Basic free membership level.

what does membership include
Membership includes everything. All courses, all documentation and full support.
Unlimited Access to all teaching materials.Learn what you want when you want.
Hours of video lessons from our growing lesson catalog.
High quality video lessons to ensure the best quality instruction.
Expert tuition from a qualified piano teacher with years of experience.
A wide range of courses to suit everyone.
Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. Almost all devices covered, lessons can be taken anywhere.
Do courses ever expire
 Courses never expire and carry a full 60 day no questions asked guarantee. As long as you remain a member, courses will always be available including any new courses introduced.

How do I cancel membership
Your membership welcome page has a modify button that is used for canceling your membership Payments. You will then have your membership level downgraded to Basic Free. You will still be able to enter the site at your paid level until the date you paid for.

Still Have Questions? Use the contact link at the bottom of the page to ask Jackie any question you have.

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