Learning Piano Online

Learning piano online as opposed to learning with a private tutor has become popular in recent years.

The reasons why, are many and varied:

  • Convenience is obviously a major reason, lessons can be taken at anytime to suit you, rather than suiting the teacher.
  • Modern computer screens are of very high quality today making video lessons possible to be followed and have become the standard for high quality piano lessons.
  • Almost any type of device can be used for taking lessons from mobile phones to full-sized computers. This increases the ¬†convenience aspect of learning piano.
  • Cost is another major factor. The cost of membership of a piano teaching site for a month can be less than a quarter of the cost of a single lesson with a private teacher.
  • Support can be accessed continuously. A private teacher cannot take calls when teaching another student.

There are disadvantages in taking piano lessons online:

  • Anyone who can play piano can give lessons. They may be very good at teaching or not so. The student is probably not the best person to judge the quality of piano lessons being given. It is always best to look for a qualified teacher who has experience and is trained to teach piano, not just play piano, when looking for a teacher.
  • Online piano teaching is different to private piano teaching. As students make mistakes the private tutor can stop them and show them, their errors. This cannot happen with online teaching. Therefore it is important that the piano teacher takes this into account and includes as many answers to issues before they happen.
  • There is a further problem to discuss. Are you, the student making progress with your playing, or are poor playing habits creeping in. A good piano teaching web site will provide the opportunity for students to regularly record their playing and upload it to the teacher for analysis and advice. A further reason why a qualified and experienced teacher, should be sought out.
  • Often you do not get an opportunity to see real lessons before making a decision. You must see sample lessons before making a decision.
  • Free lessons abound on YouTube and are useful when needing to know something specific. Often they are done by well meaning people who play so fast, they cannot be followed. Single lessons do not make a proper syllabus of a course. Soon there is nowhere to go.

You now have some pointers to look for when searching for piano lessons online.

The teacher should be:

  • Experienced
  • Qualified
  • Should have devised lessons that preclude mistakes in advance
  • Should provide support including analysis of a students playing
  • Provide example lessons for you to see. You need to be comfortable with the style of teaching.

What decisions do you need to make before taking piano lessons online?

  • Obviously you need to think about what you wish to play.
  • The type of music you intend to concentrate on.
  • Do you want to sing as you play.
  • Will play classical or contemporary pieces of music.
  • Do you wish to play with others in jamming sessions.
  • Perhaps join or start your own band.

These are important decisions to make before committing your self. Make sure you know the type of lessons you receive will suit the type of playing you want to do. Many traditional piano teachers will only teach with music and the exam route. Is this how you want to learn?

This web site caters for all types of playing with lessons for both with and without music. Full support is available at all times and analysis of your playing is a normal feature.

Whatever you do for your learning piano online good look with your musical endeavors.