Play Piano With Music

The traditional waylearning piano with music

of learning piano is to play piano with music. This method has been used to teach students since the first pianos were invented. This secret code of music has been taught for hundreds of years. These days it is not the only way of learning piano.

Playing piano with music may not be the only way to learn piano. It is however the traditional way and has a great many advantages. Learning music is very good for the mind. Music is logical and mathematical by nature. This helps concentrate the mind. Especially advantages where children are concerned.

A personal note, I think that children should always take the music route when learn to play piano. It is more structured in approach. Even 5 your old children can handle a full-sized piano, they do extremely well, and it is so advantages for them in other aspects of their lives.

What is involved:

So what is involved in learning piano with music? The teacher would start by showing you haw to sit at the piano, how to find your notes and your finger numbers. You have gained two extra fingers when playing piano. The downside is you no longer have any thumbs.

You would then go onto learning the very basics of music. Learning how to play the notes on the music comes next. Lesson by lesson you learn more about music and how to press the correct keys as you read the music. Of course practicing is essential between lessons. Not long say 10 to 15 minutes every day. Really you should practice everyday!

As time passes and your lesson count increases your musical knowledge will increase. you will be able to follow quite complex music within a few months.


Learning without music is a very popular method today. Learning to play piano with music has many advantages over the none music method. To play without music the song has to be known in advance. Playing piano with music does not have that drawback. Any piece of music can be played by following the music.

So long as the music is present a musician can go almost anywhere in the world and play with a band, orchestra or any other musicians and play the music.


There are few disadvantages in learning to play with music. Learning to play does take longer to do, and the higher levels need a lot more studying, however what is being learned is much more than in other methods of learning to play. That is all the disadvantages there are. Some would suggest music stunts personal freedom in playing. I think not. If you learn with music you could find your way to play in any style if you are that way inclined.

A music only course is included in membership, and a separate children's course caters for the youngsters from 5 years and up.

There other ways of learning to play piano.