Why You Must Sit At The Piano Properly

When students come to me for piano lessons, the first thing I do is teach them to sit at the piano properly. This is often not what a student wants.

Students want to play their favorite songs immediately, and I can see why they would want to do that, but first we have to learn to walk, so how to sit at the piano comes first.

I had a reminder of why you must sit properly at the piano when playing piano recently, in fact, a very painful reminder. We don't always do what we preach. I wish I had followed my own advice.

A few months ago I was filming a number of piano lessons that took several weeks to complete. In order to get the camera angles to work, I had to lower my seat to a completely wrong position for playing the piano. If a student sat like this I would be very unhappy. But hey, this is me I know what I am doing, I am an expert, I will be fine. The recording took many hours a day for a quite a few weeks. I woke one morning to find I had a sore shoulder, this progressively worsened to the point I could not lift my arm to the horizontal position.

Eventually, I realized that my seating position was the problem. By re-positioned my seat where it was and should be, slowly my shoulder has improved considerably. A painful experience easily prevented by following my own advice.

A second point is that I noticed my own piano playing had also suffered and was not up to par. So I have to redo all the filming done previously. Don't make my mistake, always sit properly at the piano.

I have a post showing how to sit at the piano that I did some time ago. It will help you sit at the piano properly.

why you must sit at the piano properly jackie clark

Why You Must Sit At The Piano Properly
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Why You Must Sit At The Piano Properly
Why you must sit at the piano properly| A story of the consequences of not sitting at the piano correctly and advice on how to sit at the piano properly.
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