Piano Courses for Beginners

Learning to play piano is fast, easy and lots of fun!

Forget the horror stories of it taking years, it doesn't take years. Within a few days you will know enough to play a few simple songs. Within a few weeks you will be able to play loads of songs.

Forget the hours of practice every day. Ten to fifteen minutes a day is all that is required to learn to play piano or keyboard.

Not convinced. I am! So much so that if you think I am wrong, you don't like the style, you don't get on. You can have your money back within 60 days that's around 8 weeks of lessons, all free if you have your money back. And you get to keep both the chord book and work book.

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How will you learn:

Piano Courses for Beginners are built on two pillars. Which one you choose is your choice. You can change anytime you like and as often as you like. You always have total choice.

  1. Learning with music
  2. Learning without music

Almost all members take the 2nd option as it is a method that is both quick and easy. Courses can be changed at will at any time. All courses are available 24/7

Learning with music is the traditional way to learn piano. A standard text book is followed with lessons on each aspect of the text-book. Exactly the same as if you were visiting a private tutor, the costs are obviously much lower than a private tutor, and you still get personal support from your teacher as a member. (A text book is required for this course obtainable worldwide from good music shops or Amazon.)

Play Piano Properly is the course to choose

play piano properly in piano courses

Learning without music is the alternative method of learning to play piano. Certainly on this site playing without music or by ear is the most popular method of learning piano.

This course teaches from the basics through to a level where many songs can be played at will. The method used is by playing with chords. A simple method that is the usual way that songs are played as it allows singing of the song as you play.

Playing with chords is a very sound way to learn piano. Should a student wish to, music can be learned later and during that time, the student can also play songs they learned before attempting music.

Just Chord Piano is the way ahead with chord piano, the most popular course.

just chords piano in piano courses

Piano for Kids is the perfect piano course to teach five year old children piano. The course uses a standard text book throughout (cost around $4 US) By using a standard text book the child can go on from there, to a private teacher or more online lessons. You the parent will feel safe that everything taught has been taught properly by a qualified piano teacher with many years experience teaching children.

The lessons are fun to do, easy to follow, and each one has a practice schedule to follow which includes adults helping in fun ways. This course actually won a competition with one of the largest online teaching sites in the world.

Piano for kids. Give them that start in life that others miss out on.

piano for kids beginners piano lessons

Quick & Easy Piano Chords will expand your knowledge of piano chords.

Ensuring you can play in a wide range of keys. You will learn to play over 85 chords in this course of piano lessons. The same course is arranged in the site as a piano chord reference section, enabling quick access to chords you have already learned.

Especially useful when playing with friends who play in alternate keys.

Quick & Easy Piano chords will answer your needs.

quick and easy piano courses in piano courses

Learning piano scales is a vital aspect need to provide you with confidence and the ability to improvise. By now you will be able to play a wide range of songs. To really push your song playing to the limit you need to add the twiddly bits. This is where you will need to know your scales. Play Piano Scales will do this for you. Learn your scales and improve your piano playing drastically.

Play Piano Scales is what you need now.

Play piano scales in piano courses

If you choose not to take one of the main courses you will need to know the basics. That's where Piano fundamentals comes in, and should be your first port of call.

A short course that will teach you the basics such as how to sit, how to find the notes and, why you now have ten fingers and no thumbs.

Piano fundamentals, your first stop if you don't take the main courses.

Piano findamentals from piano courses

Dynamics are an essential element to playing piano with feeling.

Covered in the love song expression lessons. Taking you through a complete song you will learn the song and the expressions added to the playing.

Love songs Expression in piano courses

Other courses & single lessons are included, including courses to teach specific songs or techniques. All included in membership of course. Jackie supports you all the way in all courses.

  • Have a question, just ask.
  • Want an assessment, just send a recording of your playing.
  • Support is always available.
  • No Risk to you - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • No contract - Leave whenever you wish.

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