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For your Beginners Piano Lessons Just Chords Piano!Just Chords Piano beginners piano lessons

Just Chords Piano is a suitable course for you to take beginners piano lessons with? It teach you what you need to know to play piano in the way you want to.


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This course is designed to teach an absolute beginner to teach piano using chords and not music. This method of learning piano is perfect if you do not wish to learn music or play any form of classical music. (If you would prefer to learn piano with music, you will find that Play Piano Properly will suit you better as it is a full music course.)

Type of lessons.

To take this course you would download and print a resource book. This resource book is used throughout the High Definition video lessons of the course. Each lesson will end with a practice schedule for you to use between lessons.

Why no music.

Almost all songs you will play are played using chords, rather than you playing the melody line, which is how playing with music is usually done. The melody is the job of the singer to do, not the pianist.

You could have no desire to play songs following sheet music. For you, the fun element may be more important than the discipline of learning to read music.

Consequently learning music is irrelevant to you. However this is not to say that music should be completely discarded, you may decide to play piano songs, as quickly as possible now, by using the chord method. You may consider playing by music at a later date.


The chords approach may be seen as a problem by you. You may suspect that if music is not taught, you could have bad playing habits in the future.

Just Chords Piano only teaches correct musical terminology and techniques throughout all of its lessons.

You will not need to learn music in this course of study as it is unnecessary. You learn everything else properly as you would privately.

The methods you will learn by in this course, are purposely designed, to allow you to learn music at a later date, if you choose to do so, without having to re-learn or even unlearn anything.

How are lessons taught?

You will:

  • Be taught by piano lessons in video format, thus you will need your device near to your piano or keyboard.
  • Need to download a workbook and print it as you will need it throughout the course.
  • Always take lessons sequentially, as they must be taken in order, for you to get the best from the course.
  • require a pencil to take notes as you progress through the course. Your course book is ideal for this task.

In subsequent lessons your knowledge will be expanded with lessons teaching:

  • A multitude of chords.
  • How to play them properly.
  • Playing with two hands.
  • Where to find the chords and words for songs.
  • Methods of  interpreting songs.
  • How to use dynamics to improve how your songs sound.
  • Some great introductions to sound great.
  • Turn a-rounds to fill in the gaps.
  • Great song endings.
  • Keeping time.
  • Rhythms.


I have done everything possible for you, to make your taking of Just Chords Piano lessons, as near as possible to the quality you would receive if you came to me for private lessons.

You always receive personal support from me, Jackie. Consequently I believed that my support is at least equal to, or better than a private tutor would provide for you.

Student input.

You the student are learning to play piano. You therefore have a responsibility to take the provided lessons in sequence, and carry out the practice schedules required of you.

Playing piano is a practical activity. We get better at doing things by practicing them. Olympic athletes become so because they practice.

Taking a lesson without understanding it, or practicing what has been learned afterwards, will result in you failing to learn to play.

If you do not understand anything in a lesson, you go over the lesson again, if you still do not understand. Ask for help! Support is all about asking for help. You will need to make a commitment to yourself to practice every day for around 10 minutes. Every one can find ten minutes a day to achieve a dream.


With Just Chords Piano you will:

  • Learn to play piano using chords and no music.
  • Need to go over again any aspect of a lesson that you don't understand, or ask for help before you continue to the next lesson in the course.
  • Practice every day for just ten minutes and you will be well on the way to achieving your dream of learning to play piano using these easy simple piano lessons for beginners.
  • Be able to play your favorite songs in not time at all. Confident of your abilities as a pianist.


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