Play Piano With Music Using Play Piano Properly

Play Piano Properly is a beginners piano lesson course that teaches students to play piano with music. The course begins at absolute beginner level and advances to an intermediate level of piano playing. The piano lessons in thisplay piano with music - play piano properly course follow a standard text-book, that is available worldwide from Amazon, or good music shops. (The cost is around $20 US. and covers the entire course.)


This course is suitable for you, if you wish to learn to play piano in the traditional way. If you take this course, you will learn music theory, and how to play piano while reading music. The curriculum followed is exactly the same as the curriculum followed by my private students taking lessons with me.

Should you wish to play piano while singing you may find that the Just chords Piano course may be more suitable. If not then read on.just chords piano play piano with music alternative course

How does play piano properly work?

A standard text book is used throughout the course. Both the piano and music theory are taught at the same time. Lessons are in HD video and cover one complete lesson. At the end of a lesson an instruction is given as to how to practice and for how long. Normally practicing is around ten minutes a day, and the time between lessons is generally one week.


Any problems requiring support are always done by Jackie Clark. If you have any problems they can often be resolved by redoing a lesson. Otherwise contact Jackie for assistance. With over 30 years piano teaching experience it is unlikely she has not come across your problem before.

Play Piano With Music Problems:

There really are few problems with learning in this way. It does take more time to learn to play piano with music as there is a lot more to learn than with other methods. The benefits to you is that you will be able to play anything you wish at any time.

Not a problem but you will find that as you end this course you will want to go onto a more advanced course. That is the way with piano playing, the more you know and the better you get at it. The more you will want to know more.

Your part in this:

Ultimately it matters not how good lessons are or how good support is. You have to do the work and practice playing piano. It is sometimes difficult to find the discipline to practice every day. All you need is ten minutes a day to practice this course. Then you need half an hour a week to take your next lesson. It is best to take the lesson two or three times to make sure you fully understand.


The first thing you will need is fairly obvious, a piano or a keyboard is a must.

A keyboard will do just fine but if possible make sure it has touch sensitive keys and at least 68 of them. Even 68 may present a problem later as you could run out of keys for the music. The more keys the better in this respect. If a keyboard later you will need a sustain pedal.

You will need a device to take your lessons on and it must be as near to your piano as possible. A decent volume level would be advantages.

Purchase the textbook.


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


  • You will need a piano or keyboard
  • Site membership
  • A device near your piano
  •  The correct text book

If this is not suitable for your needs check piano courses here